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Choice of Breast Enlargement Methods - Learn How to Get Beautiful Breasts

Beautiful BreastsIf you've been wondering about breast enlargement, you're not alone. In 2020 there were more than a million of breast augmentation procedures performed in the world, making it the leading surgical cosmetic procedure.

You're probably wondering if breast enlargement surgery is worth the money and risks. That's right, you should consider a few reasons before you choose the procedure. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of breast enlargement surgery and what to consider before you decide to go under the knife.

It is clear that female breasts are vital to the confidence and positive self-image of a woman. However, the question whether breast augmentation is necessary, or healthy, remains an individual choice. Fortunately, there are healthy and affordable options to make your breasts as vivacious and beautiful as you desire.

Surgical Breast Enlargement Methods

While there is a variety of methods available to enlarge your breasts, they generally fall into the categories of surgical and non-surgical.

Breast implants are an established and popular breast enlargement procedure among women. Stem cell fat transfer augmentation is another surgical enlargement procedure, while breast enlargement pumps and padded bras round out the non-surgical breast augmentation options.

Do they work? Some do - breast implants are wildly popular. But they're expensive, up to $5000 per procedure. They can also lead to ongoing breast health issues, including difficulty detecting breast cancer, ongoing soreness and problems with breast feeding. Contrary to popular belief, breast implants are not permanent, and frankly, some women find the idea of having their breasts sliced open downright unappealing.

If you are concerned about a permanent breast enlargement solution, your doctor can take a full look at your breast anatomy and determine if any breast implants will remain permanently in place.

Choice of Breast Enlargement Methods

As we previously learned, some breast enhancement techniques involve pumps that clamp onto your breasts for months at a time. Other options include padded bras that don't enhance your breasts at all.

Then of course, there is the infamous breast implant surgery, in which a surgeon slices your breasts open to insert silicone implants that will eventually need to be replaced and require lengthy and expensive recurring surgeries.

These methods also cost money and require extra attention, particularly if you're a woman who has a history of breast cancer in a family. However, the good news is that many of the natural methods for boosting your breasts are more cost-effective than pumping and surgeries. Natural breast enlargement techniques are also safer and are often less expensive than breast implants or pumps.

Natural Breast Enlargement Methods

Natural breast enlargement is a non-surgical, safe and effective method to enhance and celebrate your breasts. Unlike the other options, natural breast enlargement uses phytoestrogens, which tighten and lift breast tissues. Moreover, this method balances the natural hormone levels produced by your body, and promotes overall breast health with herbals, nutrients and hormone balancers.

Because natural breast enlargement has been shown to produce an effect that can be seen in a month or more, this option has proven to be particularly effective in the case of a long-term application. Natural breast enlargement will not deliver results in a few days like a surgery. Natural breast enlargement can be used daily for a few months to achieve beautiful breasts.

Natural breast enlargements are often available in a three-step therapy system, consisting of a daily supplement, a gel and an exercise regimen.

When looking for a daily supplement, be sure find one that contains buckwheat leaves, damiana leaf and watercress, as found in TotalCurve, as these ingredients are known to fight breast cancer, and produce breast milk and tissue.

Additionally, natural breast enlargement yields another secret ingredient proven to grow natural, healthy breasts. Volufiline is a recent development in natural breast enlargement that contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis, causing the fatty tissue in breasts to grow in quantity and volume.

In a recent clinical study, 32 women between the ages of 18 and 35 applied Volufiline to one breast, twice daily. Scientists looked at the results on days 28 and 56 of the study. The results? Twenty-five per cent of the women saw a 6.6% increase in breast size after 28 days. As a testament to its effectiveness, Volufiline has now been clinically proven to increase breast size by up to 8.4% in under 60 days.

We at would rather give you natural and beautiful breasts without knives or clamps. In fact, everything you need to grow your breasts with TotalCurve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy comes from within your body. Here's how it works.

How to Get Beautiful Breasts Naturally?

Here is a 3-step approach to the beautiful breasts that does not require dangerous pumps and expensive implants.

  1. Estrogen plays an important role in the size and shape of your breasts. Because of this, your first step to the beautiful breasts with TotalCurve is the Daily Supplement, which contains a series of natural and safe phytoestrogens to increase your overall breast volume. These phytoestrogens mimic estrogen's role in the breast development process. The Daily Supplement also contains a variety of herbals, nutrients and antioxidants that promote overall breast health while reducing symptoms of PMS, menopause, diminished sex drive and vaginal dryness. Take one capsule twice a day for best results.

  2. The second step to beautiful breasts with TotalCurve is a Lifting and Firming Gel, which you apply to your breasts every day, injecting them with vital cell-pumping action. Volufiline, which is clinically proven to grow breast fatty cells by 640%, is the secret weapon here. Volufiline contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis and stimulates the fatty cells in your breasts to grow in quantity and volume.

  3. The third step to the beautiful breasts is the TotalCurve Exercise Program. Exercise in itself does not increase volume of fatty tissue in your breasts. However, it does tone the muscles supporting your breasts, which provides a natural breast lift and makes them appear larger. We walk you through all the exercises, which are easily performed, either in a gym or at home, with or without equipment. Lead an active lifestyle and time is in short supply? No problem, they're easy to incorporate into your day, and easy to perform for beginners.

With these three steps, of the phytoestrogen-packed Daily Supplement, the Activator Gel and the Exercise Program, TotalCurve offers you the safest, healthiest and most effective beautiful breast therapy available. With TotalCurve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy, you will have beautiful and bountiful breasts. This is guaranteed!

How to Choose the Best Breast Enlargement Method?

Breast enlargement does not have to be painful, nor expensive, and many women would argue that any breast enlargement procedure should complement and work with a woman's body and its natural balance of hormones and phytoestrogens rather than tearing her breasts apart.

There are some evidence and clinical confirmation that women who prefer natural breast enlargement would benefit from their new appearance without the side effects of surgical procedures and hormone-related health problems. The choice of breast enlargement methods is yours.

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TotalCurve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy is a natural and non-surgical breast augmentation process for women that nurtures your body and encourages beautiful breast growth. Using a daily supplement of safe phytoestrogens, a lifting and firming gel with Volufiline and an exercise program to increase the tone of the muscles supporting your breasts, TotalCurve is clinically proven to grow bountiful breasts in women using her natural hormone balance and her existing breast tissues. It's a far more reasonable, justifiable investment in your breast health and appearance than other methods.

Natural breast enlargement, as promoted by TotalCurve, is a celebration of the female form and its beauty. With TotalCurve you can get natural and beautiful breasts without knives or clamps!