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How to Boost Your Sex Appeal

How to Boost Your Sex AppealOf all the ridiculous, vague and useless advice you find online about how to boost your sex appeal, the best suggestion on how to be attractive person is "Be confident"

What if you're fat, bald, hairy, ungroomed and have an outdated clothes? Is being confident your best shot at scoring phone digits from a curvy brunette hottie in a crowded bar with a hundred testosterone-charged guys all vying for her attention?

Then there's "Be yourself", another gem piece of advice from some genius, propagated by love gurus everywhere thinking that this equally vague and useless generic term is magically going to transform you into her dream guy and help you get the girl you really want. Just as vague and just as stupid.

Don't get me wrong, confidence and self-identity are very important to a guy's self-worth. It's just that when online Romeos and well-wishers offer this advice as your best tools to land your dream girl they're completely stupid. You have to know what you can be confident about before you can flaunt you confidence with a beautiful girl. You have to understand your strengths and what you have going for you before "being yourself" will magically boost your sex appeal and help you attract women!!

Boost your Sex Appeal

So instead of offering ridiculous, generic and redundant advice on how to get your dream girl, as so many articles do, let's review some effective and realistic steps you can do to boost your sex appeal. That means you can do it, whether you're six foot three or three feet tall, traditionally handsome or not so much. Want to boost your sex appeal? Try these steps to attract women.

Physical Appearance

First of all, eat right. Healthy eating benefits not only your health but you physical appearance as well. Repeated studies have shown that women are drawn to guys with a classic V-shaped torso, in which the shoulders are wider than the waist. You're attracted to women with noticeable breasts and a small waist right? Women are visual in this sense as well. The V-Shaped torso is much easier to achieve when you're eating a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats and fewer carbohydrates, which tend to pack on the pounds. Examples of proteins and healthy fats include fish, chicken breast, lean cuts of meat, dairy, almonds and whole wheat. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and go easy on the sugar and processed foods.

Then get yourself to the gym! Think of muscles on a guy like breasts on a woman. Breasts signify female fertility. Muscles have the same effect on women. Working the shoulders, chest and lats all enhance the V-Shape effect proven to attract women. Biceps and washboard abs are also nice-to-haves for making the ladies salivate a little. Biceps aren't hard to develop, abs less so, but not impossible if you're eating healthy and cutting down on your unhealthy fats and sugars.

Body hair – less is better! While some cultures embrace a little hairiness and guys like George Clooney make it cool to have a shaggy chest, the truth is, you can't go wrong with a bronzed, hair-free, muscular body. In fact, this combination alone will boost your sex appeal! If you have a hairy back, shave it or make it less hairy, the same with excessively hairy arms and neck. And if you've got a hairy rear, ask yourself if you'd be attracted to a woman with a hairy ass.

Groom yourself. This much is true, women are attracted to good hygiene and notice subtle details like protruding ear and noise hairs. Be clean, use antiperspirant, shampoo and comb your hair. Use a moisturizer for your body after you bathe to protect your skin and a facial moisturizer to make your skin glow and protect it from the elements. Keep in mind that while many women say they like bad boys, NO women in history has ever said she likes a dirty, smelly guy!

You're gonna feel better about yourself with clothes that fit and compliment your body. Having said this, a muscle t-shirt might arouse some women but it will certainly not work with others. Your best advice about clothes? Ask a woman to put an outfit together for you! If it works for her, chances are good it'll work for other women as well. A little female intuition goes a long way when dressing to impress the ladies.


Finally, you can really boost your sex appeal with some good pheromones. You've probably heard of pheromones before. They're chemical secretions that organisms give off to signify their bio-chemical presence. NexusPheromones has perfected pheromones for sex appeal with its powerful blend of seven chemical compounds that are chemically proven to tap the female biological desire to mate.

With these lifestyle changes you can boost your sex appeal and attract more women. You'll also find that you can "be confident" and "be yourself" with a little swagger.

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