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Good Sex

Only those who are idealistic and have high standards when it comes to relationships are the ones who believe that there really is a perfect guy for every woman. Perfect relationships only exist in fairy tales, and they rarely happen in the real world. In any romantic relationship, it is almost quite natural to have one or two things uncommon between two people, for these add to the effort of adapting to each other's personalities. No matter how good and smooth things are in a relationship, a flaw, one way or another, eventually arises.

So-So Sex Life

A perfect scenario for this problem is when you are going out with someone who is totally into you. He or she treats you well, gets along fine with your relatives and friends, and both of you have a lot of things in common. Your relationship is perfect, except for one thing: he or she is terrible in bed or is not trying hard to please you sexually. In fact, this issue is very common among romantic relationships. The women are usually the ones who often complain about this problem.

Even though sex with your trophy hubby is not as fulfilling as your relationship, ditching your partner is not always the best solution. Often in these kinds of relationships, sex issues are worth fixing to make the relationship work. Less-thrilling sex is not a good enough reason to give up a good relationship with your partner, but a so-so sex life is also an alarming issue that should never be taken for granted. Remember that a fulfilling sexual relationship is vital to the strength and foundation of any relationship.

Good Sex

It is generally common in new or fresh relationships that both parties are still in the process of getting to know each other. This means that it is only typical that the sex part in the relationship is still a bit edgy. While some couples are lucky to have instant physical rapport, there are some unfortunate lovers who still need to get used to each other's sexual habits and preferences. If you and your hubby are among the unfortunate couples, do not panic. You will eventually get used to your partner, especially if both of you are serious on making things work in your relationship.

Communicating well with your partner is also another way to solve the sex issues within your relationship. Although pointing out one's shortcomings and inabilities in the bedroom is really hard to do, it is still advisable to talk about the problems they encounter in their relationship. Honestly admitting to your partner that you are not fully satisfied with his or her lovemaking may eventually lead you to discover that he or she is also not happy with you as a lover.

In talking about sex issues with your partner, explain your views in a calm and subtle way. Never criticize or say outright bad things about how terrible he or she is as a lover. You can try phrasing your issues in a compliment form. This way, you have clearly pointed out the problem without directly judging or criticizing him or her as a lover.

Meanwhile, showing how you wanted to be pleased in bed is also an effective way to solve the boring and monotonous sexual relationship you have with your partner. If you know the parts of your body where you want to be touched and kissed, try to do it first on your partner. Men, for instance, are likely to adapt well in this treatment, for they prefer to be shown what to do instead of being told. If your partner still fails to respond to this treatment, you can then show him or her how you want to be touched and pleasured in bed. If your partner is doing something that is painful or uncomfortable to you, tell him or her to immediately stop.

When your partner shows improvement, do not forget to give praises and make sure that he or she knows that you appreciate the effort. You can do this by showing pleasure with body language or by simply moaning and sighing every time your partner does something pleasurable.

Another way to really heat up your sensation and pleasure is by using a stimulation cream such as Vigorelle. An all-natural product without any side-effects, Vigorelle can heighten your pleasure and intensify sensation. So even if your partner's lovemaking is not spectacular, you can still experience good sex with Vigorelle.

Improve Your Sexual Life

On the other hand, one of the best solutions to improve your sexual life with your partner is to simply have more sex. You see, the more sex you have, the more you tend to get addicted to it. Also, the more frequent you and your partner make love, the better you'll get to know and discover each other's turn-ons and dislikes in bed.

However, if you and your partner barely even have time for a regular sex, aiming to have more heated bedroom sessions is indeed difficult. With this problem, the best solution is to schedule it. When you have scheduled your intimate bond with your lover, you will be able to ready yourself for the moment, both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, you can also try assessing the reasons why your near-perfect partner is such a disappointment inside the bedroom. As medical experts explain, less energy and vigor in participating in any sexual act can be attributed to stress, fatigue, and hormonal fluctuations. To deal with the problem, you can advise your partner to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, as well as exercising daily. If there is still no improvement, you can also recommend therapy sessions with a certified sex counsellor for you and your partner.

You should also assess if you too have issues that consequently contribute to the downturn of your sexual relationship with your beloved partner. As mentioned earlier, communication is an important aspect in a relationship, so it is best to also keep an open mind to what your partner wants you to know and understand. If both of you are honest and open enough to discuss the distressing sex issues in your relationship, things will work out eventually and improvements will surely follow.

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