Premature Ejaculation

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Top Herbs for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Top Herbs for Premature Ejaculation TreatmentHere's a question for you: how many factors can trigger premature ejaculation? Here's your answer: lots of them, from medications and lifestyle factors to stress and performance anxiety. Often it has no visible cause - but now there's a remedy.

Poor sexual performance is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a man.

Knowing that you did not perform well enough to please the one you are with or ejaculating too prematurely are common occurrences but not something that you should have to learn to live with. Whether you are concerned about your size, your ability to maintain erections, or your inability to control your orgasms, you are simply going to love what the DuraMale can bring into your bedroom.

Natural supplement for premature ejaculation treatment

DuraMale is a natural supplement for premature ejaculation treatment. The makers of DuraMale launched the product in 2013 with an eye on Chinese and Ayurvedic remedies that included certain herbs for premature ejaculation treatment, with the latter affecting up to 30% of guys and with often devastated quality of life.

This easy-to-use product ensure that you get the correct dosage of potent ingredients and that you don't have to worry about dealing with any harmful injections.

In fact, you will practically forget the fact that you are even using a male enhancement product until of course you notice how much bigger, harder, and more satisfying your erections are.

It's no stretch to say you can call DuraMale a herbal product. In a study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, the DuraMale formula improved symptoms of premature ejaculation by up to 64%. What are the ingredients of this product?

The herbal ingredients that are used with DuraMale allow you to take control of your sex life and improve your ability to maintain erections without ejaculating prematurely. When taking these pills along with a committed exercise routine you will strengthen the muscles in your private areas and ensure that you can hang on long enough in the bedroom to satisfy everyone's cravings and deepest desires.

Top Herbs for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

DuraMale includes a methodically researched and strategically blended mix of time-tested minerals, vitamins and the top herbs for premature ejaculation treatment:

  • Tribulus Terrestris - Used for thousands of years by Asian cultures to naturally increase sex drive and function, researchers validated this practice in 2008 with a study published in Phytomedicine, in which they found that tribulus terrestris increased mounting, ejaculation and recovery time in rats. Further evidence suggests it may naturally increase testosterone and DHEA.

  • Withania Somnifera - Often used in Ayurvedic medicine, withania somnifera promotes relaxation and is ideal for guys with performance anxiety. Your erection will thank you too - a 2003 review by Italian researchers found that this plant and member of the nightshade family increased nitric oxide synthase in microphages. Translation: more blood flow to the genitalia.

  • Asparagus Adscendens - Asparagus may fly low on the radar among natural aprhodisiacs, but you'd be mistaken to ignore it. Asparagus is high in potassium, fiber, vitamins B6, A and C, thiamine and folic acid. It's a natural anti-inflammatory too, and it proven to increase sexual activity and attraction to your partner. No wonder 16th century herbalist Nicholas Culpepper said "asparagus stirs up lust in men and women"!

  • Mucuna Pruriens - Wanna feel good? Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume with L-Dopa. That's a precursor to l-dopamine, a chemical that regulates sexuality, mood and pleasure. Animal studies show that mucuna pruriens increases sexual activity and recovery time.

  • Asteracantha Longifolia - Mount frequency, sperm volume and greater attraction to female sexual partners. Asteracantha is a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine believed to increase fructose levels in the seminal vesicles. These are the tubular glands that produce your semen.

  • Curculigo Orchiodes - In 2007, researchers found that the rhizomes in curciligo orchioides helped penile erection, mating and frequency of sexual activity. This is a flowering plant that has many researchers salivating for what else it might do.

  • Asphaltum (Shilajit) - Shilajit develops between rock cracks in the Himalayas and central Asia. With origins like that you can see how it's packed with over 85 vitamins and minerals that may offer protection against many ailments, including arthritis and GI disorders. But it's the sexual health applications that are of interest to you, and there's plenty of that with shilajit - evidence links it to increased vitality, better sexual health and improved premature ejaculation.

Benefits of DuraMale

In essence, you no longer have to deal with your inability to satisfy in the bedroom or your lack of stamina when engaging in your favourite pastime. And you no longer have to worry about rubbing on a greasy lotion right before climbing into bed, or waiting nervously for a large penis pump to be delivered to your doorstep.

If you can find 5 seconds in your day to take a pill then you have pretty much taken matters into your own hands as it is.

The DuraMale pills are not affected by any physical activity and do not interact with other medications you are currently taking.

While in certain situations it may take time to see maximum results, many men have noted practically instant results after taking the very first pill and letting it get to work. These men reported not only improved size, harder erections, and more satisfaction, but also much more control over when they finished up in the bedroom.

That improved control is enough on its own to make it worthwhile to give the DuraMale pills a try.

Control your erections and your ejaculations!

Once you have increased your ability to control your erections and your ejaculations, you will realize just how much you have been missing.

Being able to please your partner more than ever before and build up stronger and harder orgasms is more than enough to make this investment worthwhile.

Your partner, or partners, is going to appreciate the new found ability to please that you have discovered and you are going to able to become fully satisfied in the bedroom in a way that you never knew existed.

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DuraMale is a completely natural remedy to delay ejaculation and promote a very satisfying and pleasurable sexual life. DuraMale is an herbal remedy that has a unique combination of potent herbs that help in delaying ejaculation, increasing erection and improving libido. It works towards prolonging your sexual intimacy with a healthier grasp of ejaculation control. DuraMale is formulated by a team of herbal researchers, health and nutritional professionals and pharmaceutical scientists who have looked after your sexual needs in the best possible ways.

DuraMale contains the top herbs for premature ejaculation treatment. DuraMale will also help intensify orgasms and even increase erections!