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Making Sex Better

Making Sex BetterEveryone knows the truth behind, we are what we eat. Well we are also all about what we put into our bodies and even onto our skin. This applies to everything we drink or even inhale as well. Our bodies are like big giant sponges and are affected by everything we ingest in any fashion. So as far as advances in administering pharmaceuticals, the transdermal patches have hit the medical highways with great abandon and with significant success.

So for everything from quitting smoking patches, to birth control, to increasing sexual performance, and even making sex better, the patch has taken over from the traditional pill popping days of old and is really heading the pack.

Reasons for Success

There are several reasons for the patch's success:

Convenience is a big one. Putting on a patch once every few days or as required, is a lot easier than remembering to take a pill, once, twice, or three times a day. Never mind remembering when to take it - morning, noon, night, with food, without food - sometimes it is more hassle than the original condition that it's meant to mitigate.

Effectiveness is really the key. The amount of time it takes for a pill to be effective can be brutal. It has to, by its very nature, pass through the digestive system first before it even start to work. A transdermal patch, on the other hand, starts to work immediately. By placing a patch directly on the skin, it is quickly absorbed directly into the blood stream, effectively getting to work in a shorter time span.

Longer term effects are also a powerful bonus. A transdermal patch can be left on the skin for up to 72 hours. During this time, it continues to work its magic, eliminating the need to remember to replace it, or take more pills. It's more convenient, easier, less side effects, and generally a more effective way to administer any pharmaceutical.

Making Sex Better

So doesn't it make sense, that with all the advantages of putting on patch as opposed to taking pills, that sexual enhancement products would follow suit? Well of course it does. So the folks who have been leading the way in products specifically designed to increase sexual performance and to make your sex better now offer the ProEnhance patch which is guaranteed to make sex better - or your money back!

This amazing patch will not only succeed in making sex better and help to increase your performance, it will also increase your vitality, your sex drive, your stamina, and it will also keep your penis harder for longer. You will no longer have to worry about premature ejaculation and for an added bonus, you will recover from your orgasms quicker and be ready to jump back into bed before your partner has even had a chance to catch her breath.

She will be amazed at the increase in your stamina and your confidence. Nothing makes you more appealing to a woman than when you exude confidence and let her know who the man is. Making sex better will certainly spice up your life!

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Using the latest transdermal technology, ProEnhance gradually releases all-natural active ingredients right through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Many prescription medications are now available with this delivery method, known for its accurate and potent dosing and predictable blood levels of the pharmaceutical ingredients. With the ProEnhance Patch, there are no pills to remember, no prescriptions to fill. The patch sits discreetly under your clothing, designed to look like a normal band-aid -- so no one suspects a thing.

We all deserve making sex better, so why not give the ProEnhance patch a try - you have nothing to lose and only a great sex life to gain!