FAQ: Penis Enlargement Devices

What is the penis enlargement device?

Penis enlargement devices are designed to apply continuous pressure, or stretching force, known as "traction", to the penis in order to permanently lengthen and enlarge it. One of the most popular and effective models available today is designed by a urologist and created by a medical company in Denmark. It applies traction by means of adjustable, calibrated bars between an anatomically curved base that fits comfortably at the root of the penis, and a surgical-grade band that slips of the glans (head) of the penis. As the penis lengthens, the traction and distance can be adjusted. This device is meant to be discreetly worn under the clothes and/or during sleep. Marketed under the name ProExtender, the device can be obtained from your medical practitioner or online.

How does a penis enlargement device work?

The device fits at either end of the penis and creates a gentle expansion by safely applying calibrated, continuous pressure by means of a system of expandable bars. This stretching opens up spaces between penile cells, and triggers a growth or healing response in the body, in which adjacent cells begin to divide and fill in the space. With continued use, the growth can number in the millions of new cells, significantly adding size and tissue to the area. For more on how penis enlargement devices work, please check out the ProExtender website.

Is traction a medically approved technique?

Yes! Traction is well-known and documented, and widely used to help with healing after surgery, injury, trauma or burns. Simply put, traction means stressing tissues by gradual stretching, and then allowing the body to rebuild itself naturally. Examples are mastectomy patients, who require expansion of the skin and muscle in the chest prior to reconstructive surgery; penis enlargement surgery patients, who employ traction to help heal, strengthen and straighten the penis; and burn patients, who can create their own skin grafts by means of traction which "stretches" or enlarges an area of tissue prior to transplant.

How can I be sure this is safe before I get into it?

First, do a little homework. Unfortunately, there are ripoffs, knockoffs and just plain fakes out there that have given a bad name to the penis enlargement medical category, and to the legitimate companies who have developed safe, effective products for penis enlargement. Discover which companies have been around for a while, what their source of device is, where it's manufactured, and whether it's backed by studies and medical practitioners. Ask if there is a guarantee. View photo testimonials, and talk with or read comments from other users of the product you're considering.

Next, use the device only as directed. Some men cause themselves distress or harm by over-using the device, figuring that "more is better" and employing a "no pain, no gain" strategy. The device should produce no more than mild discomfort, if any; the parts should fit comfortably and appropriately with no sharp edges, tight grips or excessive vacuum pressure. Traction does work, but follow instructions carefully.

Finally, use common sense. Examine your reasons for desiring a larger penis: are you willing to make the committed, conscientious effort it takes to increase your penis length and girth, or can you be satisfied with what you have now? If you decide to proceed with the use of an enlargement device, by all means, listen to your body and consult a medical practitioner if you have any questions.

How often do I have to use the device, and for how long?

Your results are in proportion to the amount of time, amount of total traction force, and length of treatment. Clinical studies on the device examined men who used the device for 8 - 10 hours a day over a course of 3 to 6 months, and every instance showed measurable penis growth. Results can be obtained with a different schedule, however, and each man's specific results will vary. Most men can blend the use of their device into their existing schedule, either by using the device during work hours (for non-physical types of jobs) or during evening hours of relaxation or even sleep. You will be able to determine the practice that works best for you, however, you should stay within the guidelines established by the medical designer of the device as much as possible.

I've read accounts of men and their doctors creating "monster" penises by using devices like this. Is that really the case?

Traction has been used by indigenous peoples and by modern medical practitioners to lengthen penises up to 22 inches -- however, the typical man using a device at home wants an impressive, but not "freakish," gain in length and girth. Though extreme gains are possible, the likelihood of injury increases if the product is not used according to guidelines and common sense.

Why is the device so expensive?

A quality device, like ProExtender for instance, is a genuine, medical apparatus. In addition to costly research and development, these devices are manufactured to exacting surgical-grade specifications to ensure safety and effectiveness. A device with this degree of quality control and calibration tolerance is expensive but worth it. After all, when you consider how you will use the device, would you really wish to cut corners?

Do all penis enlargement device companies guarantee their products?

No, many do not. In fact, some manufacturers are substandard and others aren't around long enough for dissatisfied customers to ask for a refund -- so even though they may "offer" a guarantee, by the time duped customers return with a complaint, the company has vanished. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous companies have given the public a negative perception of male libido enhancement products. To be sure of getting a good product, select a company that has been around for a while, and one that guarantees your satisfaction with a money-back promise. Only companies with excellent products and happy customers who order again and again can stay in this business for very long. One such company is Leading Edge Marketing and their product, ProExtender.

Am I a good candidate for this kind of treatment?

All men who would like to strengthen and lengthen their penises are good candidates. Men who have an embarrassing or disruptive curve to the penis (medically known as Peyronie's Disease) benefit from the use of this device too -- in fact, this Danish-made doctor-designed device is used in hundreds of clinics and hospitals worldwide specifically for the treatment of Peyronie's.

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Obviously, men who are interested in gaining penis size and improving male sexual functions should also be mindful of their overall health and safety. The choice of a medically developed device is highly recommended, and strict adherence to instructions is a must. Ultimately, the success of the ProExtender system is based on the usage of all newest methods of clinically proven techniques, high quality device and absolutely safe and natural ingredients in male libido enhancement supplements that come in the kit.

Medical studies and many medical applications of the ProExtender show that real, permanent growth can occur in both length and girth, measurable in inches.